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Our goal is to increase efficiency and automate processes to help our customers stay flexible, agile and competitive in markets

Fully Automated Assembly Systems

Leader in the design and manufacture of industrial automation
TEFU UK is a leader in the design and manufacture of fully automated assembly systems used by many electronics goods manufacturers. In particular, for auto-production lines of car speakers, efficient and stable production lines can be proposed based on abundant supply experience.
Our extensive knowledge in automation design and production processes is the key in developing technologies that can satisfy the high standards required by our international customers. Performance, reliability, firm engineering and design, a complete understanding of the final assembled device output are essential. TEFU UK can rely on its experience in providing successful automation solutions for many companies, not only in the electronics field.

Most of our Automatic Assembly Machines are controlled by PLC with dedicated software, and on request we can also supply industrial PC and custom electronics. Our experience, coupled with our highly-skilled in-house software, mechanical and electronic team, and a network of specialized suppliers, allows us to offer high-tech reliable machines based on customer’s assembly requirements.

car Speaker Assembly Line

See the production in action
Our car speaker production lines can produce products ranging from 3 inches to 8 inches in the same line. Production lines are controlled by PLC communication, remote monitering and s/w upgrades are available, and MES data control systems are applied.

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Our automated speaker production lines can produce products ranging from 3 inches to 8 inches in the same line.

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